Chakras seem to be a way to focus on getting your emotional health properly fixed. When a certain chakra is opened, it means that you are healthy in that chakras category. But, is it sometimes almost a bad thing if the chakras are too perfectly opened? I mean… wouldn’t alot of us be too similar if we all had our chakras perfectly opened? For example, my Sacral chakra is overly active- meaning that I am too over emotional. But, my emotional-ness is kind of part of who I am. So, is it really that bad to not have my chakras perfect?

No, it is not bad to not have your chakras perfect… How you have them is up to you.

To have them all wide open does not mean you loose yourself – it means you would be more you than ever, and I think that would be a good thing.

you know the entire universe is like one big chakra ? every atom of your body is a chakra, every photon of light is a chakra… everything is a chakra – this the universe is an energy centre of energy centers – contemplate that when you want them to open.

Don’t put too much time too them though… live your life well and not only will your chakras look after themselves but you will continue to learn about stuff – sometimes in more abstract and amazing ways than you thought possible.

@Sly – level 2 is not the masters level in reiki. is this not an energy exchange of words ?


I’ve token mltiple test and I know for a fact that my crown chakra is low. in tests from -100% to +100% y crown chakra is always in the -60to-70%.
That’s bad.
I’ve been wondering about some ways to raise that up so I have an open chakra.
I also wonder if there is an anklet out there for the crown chakra I’ve seen a few that were just PURPLE… BUT…. I want one with the stones of them. Maybe, if possible, a few stones from the root chakra, like say, obsidian or garnet, and some from crown chakra… liek amethyst or quartz.
of course, if doesn’t have to contain root stones, it’s just my root % was like -30% which isn’t that bad compared to my crown xD
now ou may ask, why buy an anklet if you can easily raise your crown chakra for free?
Well… chakra anklets are pretty. LOL

Here are a few anklets that you might be looking for. I think you would be able to find them in a store that does sell jewelry that will bring up your chakra.



This past Christmas, I got a Chakra crystal cleansing kit as a gift. I really haven’t experimented with Chakras or know a whole lot about them. In this kit, there was 7 crystals, one for each of the corresponding Chakras. The little booklet that came with the kit explained that basically you meditate with the crystals on the chakra centers and somehow you cleanse yourself. So I put on some meditative music and put the crystals on myself. After about 10 mins, the amethyst I placed on my forehead began to hurt really bad, and I decided to take it off. My headache went away instantly, but as soon as I placed the amethyst back on, the headache reappeared. I wanted to know if this is something wrong with this particular chakra or if there is an issue with the stone itself? Is there a way to fix it? Has anyone ever had this happen (or something like it) to them? And if anyone knows of a good website or book to reference for learning more about chakras, please let me know. Thanks!

Chakras don’t exist.


I have been meditating, doing mudras, listening to binaural beats and kundalini yoga. All the things that help me open my chakras. I know im doing it right imagine each chakra with its color and mudra. I feel different, act different and think diffrent. what i want to know is how do i really know all of my seven chakras are open.

This is the most powerful method I have ever used:


Opening your soul will open your spiritual eyes and lead you to see the truth and obtain enlightenment. In addition, you will discover many so-called "supernatural" powers within yourself when you empower your chakras. When the chakras are correctly aligned and empowered, healing of both physical, and mental ailments will often occur miraculously.


okay lets make a long story short here. i have always be interested in the unknown side of things. so i played with a oujia board a few times with different people. a girl started crying and was choking at one stage. she cried and stopped i pressed on and never been injured at all.

as for my ‘abilities’ if i know the direction of a person and there face i can tell you where they are, heck even map out their house as i have done so before. i have found hills or higher land can affect that ability. i can see into eyes and tell you things if a person has been raped, carries sadness, hatred or is truly happy. i have also been told my aura is very powerful. infact i find people who are spirutally advanced cant look me in the eyes. others say my eyes are perfect or demonic. i can ‘swap’ eyes from what i like to call evil to good and inbetween. one glare can make most flee before me. (yes i have used it to stop bar fights i would lose).

now to the more weird things, i have two lots of chakra. one is a clear light blue which i use for healing or any protective spells. the other is a blood red and stronger than the blue. i use that to use what i call words of power. with a word i can increase my fighting capabilities 10 fold. although i have three levels as such. each more powerful then the last. i dont use the third one i black out and nearly killed my uncle in a sword fighting exercise. the second one takes its strain heavily on the body, muscles get ruined and can only hold that ‘power’ for 30 seconds comfortably.

so why am i telling you this? well just so you know what my level is at. i have no spiritual teacher which i would implore one who would help me. around a week ago i tried to summon a daemon called Uvall. the contract was for knowledge of the future and the ability to gain power i give him sanctuary in a pocket watch to spectate humans as the daemon wishes.

however since then i dont sleep till 6-8am and wake up 6-7pm pretty much not getting any sun light. i feel sick at times and weak. yet the worse is i feel omnipresent. which i have felt before the summoning. i dont feel 100% here. as in i dont feel grounded as if in a sense on the verg of awakening.

i was also a templar during the crusades in my past life. i have had many dreams of it and learnt templars used magik before ever studying about them.

so what i am asking is have i obtained an arcane sickness? or is it something else? please offer your help in all aspects.

p.s cheers for reading all this haha
to those nasty people, i am sane. i study behavioral science infact. also insults aimed at a person asking for help is truly sad. so are you not the pathetic one? to those who do help ignore this

No, you just have a delusion.


is it by meditation and is there any way other than meditating only? how do i know the chakra is balance or something ? and is it good to disturb or wake the chakra’s?

sorry if im asking so many weird question and suddenly got attracted to this stuff.
thank you.
*i mean i suddenly got attracted to it…
if your not intrested giving the answer please dont reply .
why are they demon dude ???????

if you haven’t any lust and desire remain then try yoga to awake it. otherwise just chant the name of the name of ‘Ram’ or ‘Krishna’ as much as you can and you’r kundali awake slowly and gradually. that much slow that you do’t feel but the person who see you after long time will tell the difference.


Navel Chakra Gemstones

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A slide show of navel chakra stones. Aragonite, ammonite, carnelian and more.

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In this Crystal therapy treatment the Chakra system is cleared with aromatherapy oils and attuned to semi-precious gemstones specifically selected to correspond to the 7 major chakras. The entire chakra system is then balanced & charged using a set of chakra specific tuning forks.

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Ask the ghosts to leave. Directly address the ghosts and ask them to leave in a calm but forceful tone.

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The (two color) Ashoka Chakra Knot is essentially a modified Backbone Bar turned on itself. This said, there are some subtleties that need to be seen and understood in order to pull the piece together. As a suggestion for use, I’ve shown how to make the knot into a necklace medallion. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together.

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