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I am going to start meditation with chakra crystals, but I don’t know if I need to put the crystal on the chakra regions of my body while I meditate or if holding the crystal in my hand is OK. Thanks
How do I open and close my chakras? That is new to me, but I am also new in the topic. I was reading the instructions from a book, it says that when I start meditating I can hold the crystal with my hand, bu then I see pictures of the crystal placed on the chakra regions and that’s what confuses me.
The crystals are not religion or magic, only help with meditation because of their energy, and I do read the Bible and I believe that God gives some people some kind of "gifts" that can be used for positive things to help others, because the power of God is not in question.

Hello Another Obama’s Girl,

Meditation with chakra crystals is very simple. If you want to meditate for a short while, I would simply choose your favorite crystal and hold it. Traditionally, the left hand is considered a receiving hand. This means that if you want to receive energy from the crystal, you might want to hold it in your left hand. This is not a rule, just a guideline. If you were going to charge the crystal, the right hand might be a better choice.

If you want to focus on balancing a particular chakra, choose a crystal associated with the chakra you want to work on. A simple guideline for this is to choose red crystals for root chakra, orange for sacral, yellow for solar, green for heart, blue for throat, indigo for third eye, and purple for crown. Further details can be found on the website referenced below.

After choosing a crystal, lay down and place the crystal on the appropriate point on your body. If you wish to do multiple chakras, that will enhance the benefits. You could even get a set of chakra crystals that you use consistently. I find that when I work with the same set of crystals for a while, the effects are increased.

Note: For the root chakra, I place the crystal on the surface upon which I am laying. For the crown chakra, I place it over my head.

After placing the crystal/crystals, begin meditating. The crystals will facilitate healing and balancing your chakra system while the meditation allows you to clear your mind. You might also want to focus your attention on the individual chakra or chakras you are working on. A simple way to do this is to visualize the appropriate color of the chakra you wish to balance. If the color doesn’t come easily, think of standing in a field of flowers (or grass, if working on the heart chakra) of the appropriate color.

Enjoy your meditation. May your life be filled with peace and serenity.

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for more Emotional Freedom Technique videos, EFT articles, and my E-Book.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple acupressure technique for releasing negative feelings.

You feel negative feelings in the body, so you have to go to the body to work on them.

You can release a negative feeling right now with this video. Tapping can be used to easily clear the Chakras. This is a very fast, reliable, and easy to learn method for clearing your Chakras. Inspired by Nicola Quinn.


Q: How hard should I tap?
A: Tap lightly, just so that you feel it. The purpose of the tapping is to bring your attention to different parts of your body, it actually works if you just imagine tapping – as long as your attention is drawn to the right points.

Q: How can I be sure I am finding the right points?
A: Use two fingers to make sure you cover the points. Sometimes the point will ‘feel’ right, as if there is a slight indent in the skin or the point is particularly sensitive. It’s all connected so you don’t have to be 100% accurate.

Q: You have missed out points that Gary Craig teaches!
A: Yes. Feel free to tap those too, I left them out to keep the video simple and it seems to work fine without them. If you find the video doesn’t work for you, try tapping the additional points – around the top-middle of the head, and just under the armpit.

Q: Is the sequence important?
A: No. You can tap the points in any order. In fact you only need to tap one or two of the points for each particular feeling. It’s just you have no easy way to know which point so you might as well tap them all.

Q: I am a skeptic! / You are a charlatan!
A: Thanks. Tapping is perfectly explainable scientifically but it does go beyond most people’s understanding. It really does work though, and the best way to prove that to yourself is to try it and watch your negative feelings disappear.

For more info see the Introductory video which gives a bit more explanation:

Also this video shows use of an electro-acupuncture pen to show that the points have a different electrical resistence to other parts of the body:

Duration : 0:8:46

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crystals and other semi precious stones have power when charged. A fake stone, lets say made out of plastic will not have any impact.
So choose a semi precious stone of color. Quartz crystal, rose crystal for love, onyx (black) for grounding etc.


Chakra Colors and Sounds

Author: admin

Chakra colors and sounds for balancing the body and mind through color and sound therapy.

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Chakra Meditation

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Open Your Chakras Now

Discover How To Take Your Evolution To The Next Level
Your path to Spiritual Awakening will leave you tired and worn. While there are many branches there is little fruit to feed your appetite for knowledge. Come with us as we take the adventure of a lifetime and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes….
Chakra meditation will release your internal energy and aid you in your spiritual journey. There are many chakras in the body, these are points in the body that correspond to a specific area where multiple nerves crisscross. It is believed that through meditating on these specific Chakras you can learn to control the energy in your body and experience everything from spontaneous healing to enlightenment.

The value of opening the chakras cant be debated. These are energy points in our body that control whether we are healthy or unhealthy. Through the proper meditation techniques we can open our chakras and explore a life that will be both fulfilling and intensely spiritual by nature. There are three main chakras that when opened properly will accelerate your growth and spiritual awakening.
Navel, Heart and Third Eye.

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