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Chakra balancing meditation Music will balance all the chakras, However this is just a short 8 minutes clip,, for full length clips you can visit .
Please be advised to use stereo headphones. This is ineffective without it. This is very intense, make sure the volume is not too loud. new version no adv

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Strange chakra colors?

Author: admin

I was doing long distance reiki for someone and their chakras came across to me as the color plus mixed with white. This happened as I went down each chakra/color. I’ve done similar things with others not seeing the white mixed in.
Does anyone know what this means?

as far as i know….white is pure….doesn’t that mean that the person was very spiritual of some sort?

hey hug brigade! :) tomorrow i’m getting my attunement! ;) can’t wait!

and i was just looking at your answer from my question and then i saw this question and then i saw your answer and wanted to edit but you edited first. LOL!

weird stuff! :)

yeap sorry suzanne! :)


The third eye chakra governs the intuitive self in spirituality. Get tips on the third eye chakra stones and symbols from a spiritual healer in this free alternative medicine video.

Expert: Cristy Nix
Bio: Cristy Nix is an intuitive visionary, artist, spiritual teacher, speaker and healer of people and pets.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

Duration : 0:3:5

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