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okay…I’m a guy who believes and respects everyone’s view point so be free to say anything

Here’s what I think…

you feel relaxed because you think this is actually gonnd work…
you feel relaxed cuz you are fooled by what ppl are saying
It’s sumthing to do with psychology instead of Scientific Beliefs..

What do you gys think?

I don’t doubt that certain techniques can be relaxing, something as simple as following breathing patterns will achieve this. I am extremely skeptical about this sort of stuff, and I feel this just creates a placebo effect. I also find amusing the popularity of these beliefs.Leave it to another white american guy to explain eastern philosophy. We all have methods of relaxing or having pleasent feelings. I like listening to music and painting, but this formula may not work for everyone. One may enjoy sitting with their eyes close under a tree while someone else might enjoy running or boxing.

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