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If I put it on my desk, what happens, does it make the negtaive energy away from my room? Also, how can I clean it?

It will give great results if you use it as a paperweight. other than that it will do nothing. Stop wasting your money on junk like that.

To clean it use soap and water, it’s a rock ok, you’re not going to hurt it.


I want to learn more about clearing blocked chakras. I feel like my solar plexus needs healing–I have a lot of fear of moving forward, making decisions, asserting myself. I was wondering what I can do to help clear things.

There is a link on this Website: under Web Links that have information about the Chakra`s.


Spiriclip 1: This is a meditation to clean and balance the chakra’s with sound and color. Chant each sound and focus on the chakra. Audio enginering: Sjoerd Borkent/Studio Short-circuit. Voice and videoproduction: Michiel Waterman.

Duration : 0:7:0

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