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I have done biomedical science and i am not very interested on the usual doctor’s way of analyzing health problems. I am more interested on ” Natural healing techniques” of the body, which includes Chakra Healing systems, so i thought of becoming a researcher into this field. But i don’t know where to start. Are there any kinds of research going on related to chakra systems? Anyone can help pls..

Cross, John, Robert Charman. Healing with the Chakra Energy System. 2006

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You might also wish to contact David M. Sadker, Ed.D, a professor emeritus at American University, who is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Harvard University and City College of New York: He has given seminars titled “Western Research to Eastern Chakras – Opening the Door to More Effective Teaching”. You can find his contact information here:

Note: For those who want to debate my answer, that is surely your prerogative – however, I do not pretend to understand Chakra healing, though I do think that there are forces in healing and nature we have not discovered or understood fully. My answer is merely intended to provide the type of information the question appears to ask for.

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I’ve heard chakra lines have psychic powers and I want to know how to use mine and how to become stronger in the power!
Ive heard that just by focusing the power in the chakra lines, you can set things on fire and control things…How?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. There are seven major Chakra’s that run in a straight vertical line up the spinal column. The first is at our tailbone and the seventh is at the top of our head. These seven major Chakra’s connect our internal energy lines (meridian’s or nadis) to the ebb and flow of the world’s energy. Healthy Chakra’s open to allow energy in, and close against unwanted energy, like a lotus blossom.

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Kit includes oils, heart shaped stones, and a small dish and a dropper. I didn’t get instructions with it. I found some stuff to purchase about the subject but don’t want to purchase a whole kit. I just want a quick answer on the items. Please, help.

This revolutionary new massage technique harnesses the power of geothermal therapy promoting communication and understanding in the body using the energetic power of the stones. The specially formed lava stones possess therapeutic qualities when heated to certain temperatures; they release energies that promote calmness and well being into the body.
You will be overcome with a quiet calmness as the seven charka stones are placed on predetermined energy points throughout the body. The massage will then be carried out using delicate manual manipulation of the stones.

This massage relieves physical ailments whilst calming the nerves and stimulating the muscles. The Chakra Stone Massage uses the techniques of acupuncture, shiatsu and other holistic techniques to stimulate the parts of the body that feed the spirit – Discover the well-being of the Chakra Stone Massage.
So if you just purchased off the shelve and only with one stone, my advice is to keep the stone as a display rather than using it on someone else. The technique could only be applied by a professional.

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