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In the Epic of Gilgamesh where the Anunnaki "Western Patriarchial Bloodline inhabiting all Western Dogmatic Gods above man above woman views, Gilgamesh tricks the monster into giving away his seven "radiances" "He gave Humbaba’s first aura to the fields. He gave his second aura to the rivers. He gave his third aura to the reed-beds. He gave his fourth aura to the lions. He gave his fifth aura to the palace (one text has debt slaves). He gave his sixth aura to the forests (one text has the hills). He gave his seventh aura to Nungal"

First Aura Fields = Earth-Root Chakra
Second Aura River = Sexual Orgins Urination, Sacral Chakra
third Aura Reed Beds = Reproduction Chakra note riverbeds refered to reproduction where the child sits in the mothers womb, Solar Plexus Chakra
Forth Aura to the Lion = Willpower Heart Chakra
Fith Aura to the Palace = thought chakra where the commands of Authority originate from, Throat Chakra
Sixth Aura to the forests = Cedar Forests the sanctuary of the Anunnaki, Third eye place of reflection and immagination by those dogmatic, Brow, Third eye Chakra
Seventh Aura Nungal = Crown Chakra the Current Anunnaki Patriarch of the Era was Nungal who was Crowned GOD-Ruler over all man and elivated above man being the patriarch

Escape Dogma :)

Sorry it DID INFACT ORIGINATE AND WAS CREATED BY THE SAME CREATOR as your RELIGION Rev :) Your Dogmafied by the anunnaki! are you just dogmafied or an anti-christ follower using your position to spread dogma knowingly? Either Way this is the web and the world will decide based on the FACTS, READ THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH UNDERSTAND WHERE ALL ABRAHAMIC AND WESTERN GODS ORIGINATE FROM THE ANUNNAKI PATRIARCH ABOVE MAN ABOVE WOMAN!

Wrong again the Epic of Gilgamesh was written 2000BC and outdates Hinduism by a Century

If you read the Epic tho the power comes from the VEDIC PRIEST! so your getting closer, i asked for the Origination, and still no one had a clue because they are the other side of the veil the other side of the truth DELUSIONAL and dogmatic

It originates from Hinduism. It has nothing to do with the origin of humanity. It’s based on the location of major organs in the endocrine system. Although people didn’t know this back then and made the connection with a fancy spiritual definition for these points on/in the body.

Information about this has been passed down orally since around 1200 BCE from a culture that ceased to exist and didn’t write down any of their knowledge. It’s based on points on the body that are "centers of energy". Technically, if you’ve got an endocrine problem with, say, the thyroid gland then your whatever number chakra is going to be "cloudy", whatever that means. It was a way of telling people that they were sick with something that people in that time had no concept of. Today medicine is much better at detecting these things than they were in 1200 BCE.

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chakra healing stones?

Author: admin

[in long island, new york] do stores carry chakra healing stones? or are they just online? and anyone know of any magazines about chakras, not books like magazines with pictures and descriptions and stuff, thanks.

by the way i’m repainting my room green, as green symbolizes the heart chakra. i’m so excited, anyone have any ideas about decorating it?

I’d just go look for a New Age bookstore or a Health Food Store.
I would also look for a gem shop.
You don’t have to find a "chakra healing stone". You just have to find a crystal of the proper color.
New Age Times, Vegetarian Times, Body & Soul would be good magazines to start with . Yoga Journal might be good too.
Have fun.

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I was told that after washing my chackra stone under a waterfall that only i should touch it and no one else yet it had fallen out of my pocket yesterday and my mothe picked it up today does anyone know what i should do? should i wash it again or what ? what should i do??
please if you dnt kno dnt ansa!!

Waterfall is generally big. Any item, once it falls, is not easily traceable. The stone is supposed to be very small in size. The stone fell yesterday and today it has been picked up. There are lot of people who come to such waterfalls daily. All these are confusing my mind. In spite of that, if you have been able to get it back, you are very lucky. You need not do anything further. It will give you more and more good luck in future also.

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my girlfriend is into holistic healing, including crystals. I don’t know which crystals she has or what minerals they contain, but I’m looking for crystals to help with mediation and chakra balancings. Anything that will assist in uplifting the spirit and mind, bringing calm and ease to one self would be very much appreciated.

My stones have always kind of spoke to me. If you want to buy her a stone, i say take her with you to a shop and let her choose.
If you have a price limit though, you might want to check out the shop alone first, so you can get an idea of what you are willing to spend, and take her to the area of stones that are in your range. I am sure she will understand if you give her a choice of rocks to choose from.

I have a small collection of stone.I like:

clear quartz
rose quartz
tiger eye
agate–several different types

I even have some that I am not sure of.

I do not suggest gifting onyx. that may have some effects on your relationship, unintentionally.

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In the tradition that I was taught red is the preferred one like garnet. However I have lost the small garnet and am looking for another type of stone that is readily available. Thanks for your input! BB…~M~

1st Chakra – Root – Located at the base of the spine.
Red or black stones for stability, grounding, physical energy, will, security.

Black Obsidian
Black Tourmaline
Red Zincite
Smoky Quartz

I know you only asked about red stones, but thought you’d appreciate the extra information for any future reference needs. :)

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This is the technique which I use for opening my chakras. I do this any time I can focus on the intention of seven breaths; often while driving. Start by visualizing the seven chakras

The base Chakra (first Chakra) is at the base of your body, and extends into the earth, its color is red

Your sexual (second chakra) chakra is at the level where men wear their belts. It’s color is orange

Your personal power chakra (third chakra) is at your solar plexus. Its color is yellow

Your heart chakra (forth chakra)is at the level of your heart. It’s color is green

Your communication chakra (fifth chakra) is in your throat. It’s color is blue

Your third eye (sixth chakra) is in the middle of your forehead. Its color is either indigo or violet

Your crown, (seventh chakra) is at the top of your head. Its color is white.

The following meditation can be done any time when you can focus on 7 breaths. You don’t have to close your eyes, so you could do this while driving. Any time when you can take 7 breaths and focus on the intent of 7 breaths

Breath in and visualize a red light at your base chakra. Breath out and let the light grow brighter

Breath in and draw up from the red light to your second chakra and let it be orange. Breath out and let the light grow brighter

Breath in and draw up from the red light through your second chakra to your third chakra and let it be yellow. Breath out and let the light grow brighter

Breath in and draw up from the red light through the other chakras to your heart chakra and let it be green. Breath out and let the light grow brighter

Breath in and draw up from the red light through the other chakras to your fifth chakra and let it be blue. Breath out and let the light grow brighter

Breath in and draw up from the red light through the other chakras to your sixth chakra and let it be indigo. Breath out and let the light grow brighter

Breath in and draw up from the red light through the other chakras to your crown and let it be white. Breath out and let the light flow over your entire body, covering you with white light.

Once your chakras are open, feel the power in your third chakra (solar plexus, yellow). Allow the power to extend out to your hands. Hold your hands as if you were holding a volleyball, and the feel the power flowing out into the shape of the ball. If you squeeze the ball, you can feel it resisting against your hands. Energy flows up through the body, so take the energy ball, and put it back into yourself through the base chakra (bottom of the body, red) and allow it to flow all the way up to the top where it comes up and covers your body in white light. This establishes your ability to work with your third chakra, and gives an extra boost to train the system to have smooth upward energy flow.

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I once had a stomach massage it was divine. I believe its good for water retension? Does anyone know how to do your own belly massage?? also how do you balance chakra’s yourself if you can?

Get yourself a copy of the following book, it is absolutely excellent:

“The Chakra Handbook”

By Shalila Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski

It covers everything from basic understanding to practical application. A comprehensive guide to harmonising the energy centres with music, colours, gemstones, scents, breathing techniques, reflex zone massage, aspects of nature and meditation.

The book is quite hard to find (I think Amazon sell it) but it is certainly worth the effort.


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I know they’re good for all the chakras, but can someone tell me what they’ll do for each one?

And if I put the crystal in my pocket, will that be closer to my base or sacral chakra?

i think they spin them and make them active, place it under your pillow when you sleep.

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If so, what was your experience like?
Actually Peter D,, you are WAY off in what occurs during a chakra cleansing, but nice try!

The feelings you get from a healing session will depend on your current condition and the techniques that are being used by the healer. Here are a few examples.

Healers using Qigong typically attempt to apply a concentration of energy (or Chi) to an area that is injured or abnormal. In this situation, you are likely to feel warmth or tingling in the area that is treated. Patients typically feel the "strength" of the healer during these treatments.

Healers using Reiki and Theraputic Touch are working on affected areas to relieve a build up of energy or apply energy to areas with lower energies. Energy blockages can be cleared and lower energy areas revitalized by the process.

Another method is called Esoteric Healing which focuses on balancing the energies in the major and minor Chakras in the body rather than concentrating on a single "problem location". The energy flows in the body are stimulated and activated by the healer.

During most healing sessions (including Chakra cleansing) you may feel some slight pressure where the energy is being moved, a tingling during the process, and a calmness while being treated.

After a particularly good session, patients typically feel calm and focused, but some people also report feeling more energetic and motivated. I have also heard people report that they feel lighter as if they were floating. It all depends on what the conditions were before the treatment and what was completed during the work.

It is also possible that you will feel slightly light-headed after a extensive session, and it might take a minute or so to allow that sensation to pass. Finally, if a treatment is done incorrectly or with too much force, the patient could feel slight nausea and discomfort. This feeling can be relieved by the healer, but many patients are resistent to further treatment when they have this experience.

In essence, what you feel will be dependent upon you and the person treating you, but in most cases, it is a very pleasant experience for both the patient and the healer. If you want more information on the topic, I’d be happy to respond to email. Thanks for the question!

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I would try the House of Magick. I believe their site is If they don’t have them, I bet they’d know where to look.

UPDATE: I checked out their website (see below). They do have stones, and some of them are listed as having something to do with a particular chakra, so I think you’ll find what you need here.

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