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I was just reading my husbands chakra and his heart, sacral and base chakra flow counter clockwise. Is this significant in some way???
Funny Chuck P….Funny!
I was using a crystal holding it over the chakra openings and got strange readings some were clockwise and others were counter clockwise. I have done this in the far past and do not remember what it means. My Ex husband burned all of my books and I am now re-learning everything. Maggie
It has been a few years since i gave my last chakra reading but I think the crstal doesn’t move at all when the chakra is closed. But as I said it has been years.
Thanks to everyone for their helpful answers. However there can be only one!

I have found information conflicts in this matter. One site claims that the sacral chakra spins counter-clockwise and all others spin clockwise. Another states that all healthy chakras should spin clockwise. For me, the direction they spin is secondary to WHETHER they spin or not. With so much conflicting information, I think I’d stick to the idea that they are either moving or not. Chakras can have both excesses or deficiencies that need balancing. You, as practitioner, will usually have a clue as to what and where they might be according to behavior you observe as well as what the person you are balancing tells you. It’s fairly uncomplicated and very rewarding energy work.


Is that stuff a sin? If so then christianity is so unfair -.- Theres nothing wrong with diciplin,healing,meditation,chakra control, or martial arts as long as its not witch craft. What religion is it allowed in if i choose a different one? Is it allowed in celtic?

Celtic Christianity is not significantly different than mainstream Christianity and i don’t really get the attraction as opposed to, say, the Roman Catholic or Anglican churches.

When i finally summoned up the courage to raise the Kundalini, i began to experience an overwhelming urge to repent and commit to Christ. I’d really like to discuss this with other Christians but i’ve never done so. I probably should.


Using crystal healing?

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I’m going to a metaphysical store near me tomorrow when I get off work, and mostly will be picking up some crystal stones for chakra healing and other purposes.

The one’s I’m looking at for chakra healing are:
Root: Ruby
Sacral: Calcite
Solar Plexus: Citrine or Topaz
Heart: Emerald
Throat: Blue Agate
Brow: Lapis Lazuli or sapphire
Crown: Purple ameythyst or clear quartz

Also, I’m going to be getting some to make a necklace out of to aid in certain abilities as well as heal throughout the day. From my research, I plan on these for now:

Agate (for stress), amber (to rid negativity), celestite (to aid in astral travel), danburite (to increase spiritual awareness), moldavite (for spiritual growth), prehnite (meditation tool), smoky quarts (protect energetic field), sugalite, tiger’s eye, angelite, sapphire ( all to aid in psychic development), topaz (to re-energize), variscite (to aid in deep meditation).

I don’t know if they will have all of those, but I wrote them down and will take the paper with me to get what they have. My question is, is there anything additional anyone else would recommend?

Also, for cleansing them before use I plan to use incense and just brush the smoke around them, probably frankincense. Is there a better incense to use for this purpose, or would sage be a better choice, or something completely different? I tried to do a very thorough search on it all, I’m just looking for any other suggestions that may improve how well they work.
Thanks harpertara for the serious answer. I posted this here instead of R&S to hopefully avoid the types of answers the first 3 gave, but whatever.

Penn and Teller obviously had a biased view before going into it, therefore, their mind was made up before they gave it an honest effort. So I would rather not waste my time watching that. I’m new to crystal healing, but not really all that new to the spirit side. I know it exist from my own experiences, two idiots who have some TV show aren’t going to change my mind.

Bloodstone is good for physical health. Hematite is good for deflecting negative energy and protection in general.
Sage would be best to use for cleansing. I would suggest dipping them in salt water also, then rinse with clear, blessed water. Then use the smoke.


does anyone else ask questions on psychic power, other dimensions, auras, crystals…. im sure you get the gist….. and……does anyone else find and get frustrated that all these religious or christian people waste their good answers on your questions by claiming like say, you will go to hell, it isnt gods way, blah blah..?? i wonder, when they see the headings, why do they even enter? why not trust that you beleive and thats YOUR TRUTH and stuff? i dont believe their stuff, but respect that they do… why dont they do that to us spiritual ones? doesnt make sense to me.
i do agree, but it still gets me mad, especially when they direct negativity at me. they must know we wont change.

i agree, maybe we should start knocking on their doors and see how they like it!!! leave me in piece to meditate, and i will leave u to pray!!


Calling all Bleach and Naruto fans! ^^

Blue or white. It will be really cool if I can have a tailed beast inside. Their chakra are awesome.


I’m really lost on this one. It seems like an obvious "r-i" sound. "Ridiculous." The repeated mistake is interfering with my spiritual well-being, so I’m just wondering…why?

Please help me clear my spelling chakra. Thx.
Writer – surprisingly, I hadn’t thought of that. They actually SAY "re-diculous". Hmmmm…

I can only think of one possibility, which has two parts:

1) They don’t stop and think that the word means worthy of ridicule.

2) They are familiar with the "re-" prefix, so it looks more natural to them for a word to start with those two letters.


I love true nature based Wiccan tradition – Chakra balance and healing – spiritual healing of worthy disincarnate souls per My God’s interpretation. My husband is Christian, tries to follow scripture to the letter, (alittle idealistic with scripture)

Would it be possible to quiet my own "strong opinions", let him be able to express himself w/o a perception of "domination" of Husband to wife … and find a true friendship that should compliment rather than conflict?

No, let your husband stick with his beliefs. True Christianity is undefiled. This means that there be no mixing with other beliefs. Christians consider mixing these things pagan and wrong. What is wrong with being idealistic anyway? Did you know what he believed before you married him? If so, you must accept his beliefs as his now. This is why it is never a good idea for people to marry outside of their beliefs.


throat chakra meditation

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the throat chakra meditation, (neck chakra)balancing the 5′th chakra
taken from Karma channel

Duration : 0:2:5

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Video on Reiki energy healing session with Vickie Penninger at HerbFest, Learn about the basics of the chakra system including healing touch and the laying of hands for therapeutic touch through vibration energy over the organ and endocrine system.

Duration : 0:9:55

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and doesn’t this prove the existence of chakras?
Well for instance love and anger or fear originates in your chest area where the heart chakra is. Have you ever had a gut feeling or sense that something was wrong or good that originates in your sacral or third chakra in your stomach area. Do you ever sense before something is going to happen and feel a small movement in your third eye. Sexual feelings start from your second chakra in the genital area. Have you ever seen red when you were almost out of control with rage your base chakra is red. Bliss and creativity come from the crown chakra.

Are we getting into Yoga or Hinduism here?
All emotions arise from the heart (the spirit) and show their effect on various parts of the body.
Sometimes anger can cause headache or stomach irritation; Christ says "out of the heart all emotions and evil thoughts arise." Mt 19:15
This is only logical, since bodily organs do not have awareness in themselves, and hence cannot feel or express emotion, etc.
To say that feelings, etc. arise from bodily organs means to deny your responsibility, since you can easily say, it is my stomach, eye, etc doing this, and I have no control over it…
But if we say it is the heart that is responsible, then you realize you need to do something about your own thoughts and inner feelings, like lust, envy, hate, etc.
Be well.

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