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I’m looking for more information about which types of stones and or crystals will help benefit my Root Chakra. I’m not attracted to many red colored stones so those such as Carnelian are out.

Please let me know the book/website you get your information from!
I feel I should add a note: I’m not asking those who DON’T believe in this to voice their opinions thusly, but rather those that DO realize the stone’s potentials to offer some advice.

Thank you

Look up sites like crystal healing and ayurvedic astrology.

Yeah I know red is supposed to be your root chakra but sometimes we actually dislike what we need..

Thousands of years of holistic medicine going down the drain ?? that for this little clique who surely do not have much else to do but report and denigrate everything..

I think you have to find the "right" stone for you. None are a cure all for everybody. For ex : moldavite leaves me totally cold but I know somebody who did not believe in crystal therapy at all being very affected by moldavite.

Try Healthy Pages. It is full of info and forums. Based in the UK.

Fiery opal is supposed to be very good but hard to find.


Flizbap is totally clueless…religion and spirituality ? lol..nope it is alt. medicine..which looks at patients holistically !

That ryanna needs to be lost somewhere in some jungle..maybe she will appreciate that there is other stuff out there than what she reads in her YEAR 1 medical books…not studying much anyway..

that gary is part of the clique..angry doc etc..

It is alternative medicine !! people are not asking them for their views but yet they form cliques and report, chat among each other blah blah blah..


black tourmaline is really good…for me !
so is aqua aura.

I would not say am a pro, far from it, about crystals but I have researched them pretty well..and what one suits one does not necessarily means it will suit another person.

If it were placebo only…damn am hard to be convinced then ! herkimer does nothing to me..etc..

but real great..but there is so much stuff which is not what they are..lots of citrine is just burnt amethyst, amber..careful !, turquoise can pass for howlite so easily etc etc

the best to cleanse the aura is aegurite but that is expensive..there is stibnite also…

and for some people : copper does work wonders !

but be careful..there is so much fake stuff out there..

nuumlite could be good too..

golden labradrorite is more of a heart shakra..does not do anything to me..

I do not think you should go to expensive stuff..Jasper has many forms and I really like it.

I think it is a trial and error thing and do not believe all the hype surrounding such and such..people are making money out of "new stones" and stuff..

am experimenting right now with merkabah crystals ..sacred geometry..oh for the non believers : look up indian magical squares, jain temples etc by the way..

and ready to give away all my crystals collection..have too many ! I do not believe in the hype anymore.

a lithium quartz will NOT get rid of all your phobias etc..

by the way..crystals are living things..they repair themselves !!! it is so mysterious ! Have people forgotten that they are used in medicine ?? lasers etc never mind watches..

go with your instinct…


Does the 8 ball (Black) represent infinity and the coloured balls represent the Chakra colours?
I never expect a decent answer from a human.

LOL, the que ball (solid white) strikes all other balls to pocket the 8 ball (black) into a hole it goes, game over. Quest of que, 6 pockets, a foot and head, a triangle, a rack, a rod called a que stick, and the word pool has the phonics of pull, kind of like in skeet where we bust clay pig-eons, you bone-head, now you will have me looking at this all day, lol, have a good day. Yes, more than likely it does have symbolic reasoning in it, since we are told ; James 3:9
Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God.


Looking for love? Put a rose quartz by your bed and let love find you!

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What is Reiki Crystal Healing? Learn about Reiki Energy Healing and how crystals can help amplify Reiki energy. Crystals are widely used in the practice of Reiki healing. Try using our crystals in your Reiki healing journey and see how they can work for you!

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This is a very brief description of Chakra colors sounds and general locations. Our class on Chakras is very in-depth and teaches many different aspects of the Chakras.

When utilizing Crystals or Stones to balance or clear Your Chakras, it is best to clear and charge Your stones in a way that is good and grounding for You.
Your can purchase certain Cleared and Charged Crystals from us and if You are not in the Lawrenceville, GA., area some items can be mailed to You with no shipping fee- according to the size and weight.
So, whether You’d like a loose Crystal or a necklace that has a line of Crystals hanging in line with the Chakras. We also custom make beautiful pieces for occassions as well as for Your in-home Chakra work or meditation.

M.E.P.S = Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual.

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This is a short home-made guided meditation that I have made to help you quickly clear your 3rd Chakra – The Solar Plexus Chakra Guided Meditation as needed.

Lisa Beachy – Spiritual Intuitive & Reiki Master

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra and corresponds to the color yellow. It deals with life force, also known as the vital breath or chi:

• Career (fulfillment in the workplace)
• Happiness, joy, cheerfulness
• Intelligence (unique acceptance of self)
• Freedom from inhibitions

A Weak Third Chakra Can Be Identified By:

• Poor digestion
• Lack of confidence
• Fear of being alone
• Inability to find the joy in simple things
• Allergies, breathing issues

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Master Energy Therapist, Carol Tuttle discusses about healing your third eye chakra. To find out whether your Third Eye Chakra is in balance or needs some work to energize it, take this 3-minute chakra test at

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This is a short home-made guided meditation that I have made to help you quickly clear your 7th – The Crown Chakra Guided Meditation as needed.

Lisa Beachy – Spiritual Intuitive & Reiki Master

The seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra and corresponds to the color violet. It deals with one’s spiritual connectedness:
• Relationship with Gods/Goddesses
• Openness to guidance from spirit
• Acceptance of life — death process
• Channeling; astral travel

A Weak Seventh Chakra Can Be Identified By:
• Fear of the unknown
• Lack of faith and/or hope
• Inability to identify with spiritual world

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Rev. Rose shows you how to use a pendulum to balance your chakras, one by one. Her daughter, Cara (cutewitch772), helps her demonstrate, but you can also use this technique by yourself.

Pendulums work on your own energy, not through an outside force.

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0303casper, 011DEnaga energy dark matter merkabah crystals chakra

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