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is it by meditation and is there any way other than meditating only? how do i know the chakra is balance or something ? and is it good to disturb or wake the chakra’s?

sorry if im asking so many weird question and suddenly got attracted to this stuff.
thank you.
*i mean i suddenly got attracted to it…
if your not intrested giving the answer please dont reply .
why are they demon dude ???????

if you haven’t any lust and desire remain then try yoga to awake it. otherwise just chant the name of the name of ‘Ram’ or ‘Krishna’ as much as you can and you’r kundali awake slowly and gradually. that much slow that you do’t feel but the person who see you after long time will tell the difference.


Use Headphones!! please adjust to prefs level=) Try working out with the song…it will boost your EnErGy! Manipura Manipura I AM POWERFUL!
(Roland Juno Gi)- I used 2 sets of splits(bass,pad, synth, etc) 3 tracks 1 V track combine to 1 in Bounce Mode.
It was really fun creating the beat and putting the visual and words together=) fun fun fun…

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I want to learn how to better control my chakra’s. Mine are not as balanced as I would like them to be and I also would like to travel the world. With that being said, would it be hard to locate a chakra guru in India? Like a legit one?

Probably not, Though I disagree with this, you can contact one most likely through this web site that will most likely be able to answer your question than anyone on Y!A


Thank you for viewing my video. I am the founder of Journey Within. This video was made when I was a director of another institute.

This is a demonstration of our Free Aura Clearing, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing we offer every Wednesday evening from 6-7 pm inside Rishi’s Crossing Yoga Studio, 2730 S Wadsworth Boulevard, Denver, CO 80227

For more information please visit my website at

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I was doing an aura reading on my friend and I noticed his heart chakra is Yellow instead of Green. It was also slightly larger then what I would expect a balanced chakra to be.. Weird enough though it had smooth curves.. not bumpy like an unbalanced one would be.. What could this mean?

I think it means you need more iron in your diet.
When I eat a lot of red meat and leafy green vegetables my chakra seems to be darker in color.

May – Watch this video to know more about Chakra Balancing. Balancing your chakras improves your health and wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally. It creates positive feelings and offers very positive results, improving your health and making you feel good about yourself.

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I’m trying to learn it. It seems to be a bit hard to truly learn, because it is a true journey you must embark on. There also are many steps, and chakras to remember, and you must go through them all during your meditative state. I’ve tried some various guided meditations for chakra balancing, but have been told to truly meditation with use of chakras, I must do it on my own.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I had cancer, this fatigue is possibly and underlying infection. But it’s been 4 1/2 years that I’ve been in remission, and they still can’t seem to find anything wrong with me.

I’ve read from various doctors such as Deepak Chopra that Chakras are very beneficial in healing the body of ailments, but if there are any other forms of meditation of holistic treatment that you believe would be of benefit, please let me know. I already am using eft, tat, mantras, yoga, supplements etc.
I have not heard of it. It would be nice for it to be simple. I also have adhd, bipolar and have struggled with addiction. I need something that I can stay focused on, but can also help take my mind off of my anxieties and hopefully in doing that the stress relief off of my brain will help in my physical health as well. Even better if it could help me achieve an enjoyable higher state of consciousness to distract me from my destructive behaviors. Many doctors are beginning to agree that the health of the physical body is very much related to mental stress.
Your quote that you so effortlessly have copied and pasted from my about me is my favorite quote from Doctor Who. I guess it was your ploy in calling me stupid. Sorry you need a television quote to tell someone that.
Nicolas lovely answer!! I actually had a cancer with an 85% mortality rate. Everyone claimed my overcoming it was an act of god, I always felt it was a similar reason to your statement in your answer. I truly believe in the secret and the power of positive thinking. Although, I wasn’t aware of it at 14. I sort of just set it in motion on my own. If only people realized the power we have over our thoughts and the energy that we can send out with our thoughts, and what it can truly accomplish. It’s really fascinating! I’m really trying to put that into motion to heal myself, although it’s been a struggle so far. I’ll look into what you mentioned and see if I find anything interesting.
I really appreciate the answers. I’d love some more info on chakras though.
the most recent person to answer this question is just an idiot.
You think I have never seen an oncologist? I would be dead if I hadn’t. Why on earth would they be able to help me with my fatigue? They haven’t so far. They’ve done a whole lot of NOTHING. My past mental and physical problems have caused stress that literally has caused my body to attack itself. Studies prove this to be true. Meditation and silencing your mind, balancing your diet, reducing stress. That is the answer. Not doctors and medications that will do more harm than good. You want me to poison my body with what the doctors may give me? Key word may ,considering they don
t know or think anything is wrong, so they won’t give me anything anyways. I have friends who have been practicing kundalini for years with nothing but positive results. My objective isn’t even for "perfect chakra balance" or to meditate to anywhere near the perfect ability that a yogi would. My goal is to eliminate stress and heal emotionally so my mind has the ability to heal my b
ody. I doubt you really know anything about this. As you say so very few do, so you are just one of the elite, I guess? If you had really reached any form of peace that meditation brings you, you wouldn’t be bringing such negativity to my question. Also if you knew ANYTHING about deepak chopra (or even who he is) you’d know he’s more than qualified to teach chakra meditation. Of course you won’t find anything about chakras in internal medicine or western medical documents, there are almost no western doctors who know or care about it. That does not make it difficult to learn the concept and work with it and heal.
I also looked at your answers and would love to know why you explained to someone that "hindu is the wrong religion" but yet you’ll still explain to me you think it’s even possible to learn chakra meditation. You’re obviously just a skeptic who believes 100% in modern western medicine. Good for you.

In Buddhism, there are two principal types of meditation:

1. Shamatha or resting meditation – where emphasis is on being able to place the mind on objects of choice, whether non-religious, for example a pebble, ones breath, or no-object at all, or religious for example the body [a picture or statue], speech [a mantra], or mind [a pure light or emptiness] of the Buddha. Here one learns to discipline the fluctuations and wandering of the mind and establishes its basic calmness.

2. Vipashyana or insight meditation – where emphasis is on seeing the true nature of mind, thoughts, and experience. Here one cultivates recognition of the reality of our condition and establishes the stability of this recognition, ultimately integrating this recognition with all activity, including sitting, reclining, eating, talking, dreaming, and sleeping.

Feb to get hold of a FREE guide that helps you unlock the healing power of your subconscious mind written by Niraj Naik who recovered from a chronic illness with the help of a technique known as ‘scientific prayers’. Included is a free audio sample of some amazing spiritual healing music that fuses ground breaking mind enhancing technology known as trypnaural brainwave entrainment

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Sacral Chakra Balancing

Author: admin

Meditate with Tibetan singing bowls played at the frequency to help balance your sacral chakra.

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This guided meditation will help you relax and balance your heart Chakra. It’s part of my Chakra Balancing Toolkit and I hope you enjoy it.

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