This past Christmas, I got a Chakra crystal cleansing kit as a gift. I really haven’t experimented with Chakras or know a whole lot about them. In this kit, there was 7 crystals, one for each of the corresponding Chakras. The little booklet that came with the kit explained that basically you meditate with the crystals on the chakra centers and somehow you cleanse yourself. So I put on some meditative music and put the crystals on myself. After about 10 mins, the amethyst I placed on my forehead began to hurt really bad, and I decided to take it off. My headache went away instantly, but as soon as I placed the amethyst back on, the headache reappeared. I wanted to know if this is something wrong with this particular chakra or if there is an issue with the stone itself? Is there a way to fix it? Has anyone ever had this happen (or something like it) to them? And if anyone knows of a good website or book to reference for learning more about chakras, please let me know. Thanks!

Chakras don’t exist.

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  1. 1 ?
    June 12th, 2012 at 2:11 am  

    I imagine it might hurt.

    But then you’d have to imagine it hurting because Chakra are themselves completely imaginary.
    References :

  2. 2 Psychobenzaprine
    June 12th, 2012 at 2:37 am  

    Chakras don’t exist.
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