okay lets make a long story short here. i have always be interested in the unknown side of things. so i played with a oujia board a few times with different people. a girl started crying and was choking at one stage. she cried and stopped i pressed on and never been injured at all.

as for my ‘abilities’ if i know the direction of a person and there face i can tell you where they are, heck even map out their house as i have done so before. i have found hills or higher land can affect that ability. i can see into eyes and tell you things if a person has been raped, carries sadness, hatred or is truly happy. i have also been told my aura is very powerful. infact i find people who are spirutally advanced cant look me in the eyes. others say my eyes are perfect or demonic. i can ‘swap’ eyes from what i like to call evil to good and inbetween. one glare can make most flee before me. (yes i have used it to stop bar fights i would lose).

now to the more weird things, i have two lots of chakra. one is a clear light blue which i use for healing or any protective spells. the other is a blood red and stronger than the blue. i use that to use what i call words of power. with a word i can increase my fighting capabilities 10 fold. although i have three levels as such. each more powerful then the last. i dont use the third one i black out and nearly killed my uncle in a sword fighting exercise. the second one takes its strain heavily on the body, muscles get ruined and can only hold that ‘power’ for 30 seconds comfortably.

so why am i telling you this? well just so you know what my level is at. i have no spiritual teacher which i would implore one who would help me. around a week ago i tried to summon a daemon called Uvall. the contract was for knowledge of the future and the ability to gain power i give him sanctuary in a pocket watch to spectate humans as the daemon wishes.

however since then i dont sleep till 6-8am and wake up 6-7pm pretty much not getting any sun light. i feel sick at times and weak. yet the worse is i feel omnipresent. which i have felt before the summoning. i dont feel 100% here. as in i dont feel grounded as if in a sense on the verg of awakening.

i was also a templar during the crusades in my past life. i have had many dreams of it and learnt templars used magik before ever studying about them.

so what i am asking is have i obtained an arcane sickness? or is it something else? please offer your help in all aspects.

p.s cheers for reading all this haha
to those nasty people, i am sane. i study behavioral science infact. also insults aimed at a person asking for help is truly sad. so are you not the pathetic one? to those who do help ignore this

No, you just have a delusion.

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3 Responses so far to "do i have an Arcane sickness or other magik illness? (long back story)?"

  1. 1 Ethan
    June 12th, 2012 at 1:55 am  

    Hi, nice to meet you, I think you have a mental illness — possibly paranoid schizophrenia.

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  2. 2 Needs Adjustment
    June 12th, 2012 at 2:21 am  

    Have these amazing powers helped you succeed in life, or do you still clean the toilets in McDonalds?
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  3. 3 gutbucket
    June 12th, 2012 at 2:57 am  

    No, you just have a delusion.
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