Vicki Howie, MA, ERYT, CHt recommends her favorite online chakra test — http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php — and also tells you which kinds of tests to avoid and why. Vicki’s private Los Angeles yoga website is: www.sacredblissyoga.com

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Chakra Healing

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Chakra Healing http://www.chakrahub.com

Chakra Healing

The seven chakras of the human body control different parts of the body. While these chakras emit lots of energy when balanced, trauma, illnesses and wrong thoughts can block these chakras and restrict the flow of energy. Even if one chakra does not work properly you suffer from an imbalance that affects your body.

However with the help of these approaches, it is possible to connect with the chakras and perform chakra healing. First of all, for effective chakra healing, you have to realize that past events of your life can affect you spiritually and emotionally, even if you are not physically sick. You have to forget all this and move forward in life. Without doing this, these small issues can amass emotional toxins that are harmful to chakra healing.

Aromatherapy and reiki help

Chakra healing is very important for the body, and influences all of your chakras. It is best done using techniques like aromatherapy, chakra balancing using a pendulum, reiki healing, color therapy, crystals and gemstones.

Many people find, and claim that yoga classes are effective in chakra healing. They help improve their breathing and physical exercises and are great for maintaining chakra balance. Yoga also helps in your focusing and consequent chakra healing.

Meditation is also effective for chakra healing where you focus your mind on an object for a fixed length of time. Effects are however better if visualization is done using the help of audio tapes and CDs that promote natural healing. Chakra healing is also possible through relaxation techniques that help reduce your stress. Once stress is reduced, you start developing a better grip on things in life.
Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

Effect of food on chakra healing

Food plays an important part in chakra healing as it is only by properly feeding yourself will your chakras remain balanced. Here is a list of the different foods that help maintain balance in each chakra.

Sweet fruits, nuts, seeds and cinnamon are great for the root chakra, along with high protein, root-type vegetables. Starches like cereal, pastas, bread and dairy products are great for your solar plexus chakra, as is minty spices.

Green leafy vegetables and green tea help your heart chakra while your throat chakra requires lots of liquids like water, fruit juices and tangy fruits like apples and peaches. The third eye chakra thrives best on grapes, blueberries and wine.

The crown chakra heals faster with detoxification as it is the center of our emotional being. While fasting is the best means of detoxification, some people perform ritual inhalations using natural herbs and incense.

Benefits of chakra healing

Chakra healing is possible using all these techniques and methods. With chakra healing, you can experience its many benefits like connecting with your passion and experiencing clear and strong boundaries and a stronger spiritual connection.

With chakra healing, you experience more clarity and focus in life. And by removing stuck and stagnant energy, you find it easier to reach higher energies and connect with new perspectives in life.

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Please Read :) This Hypnotic Tibetan Singing Bowl, Affirmation and Solfeggio Frequency video is attuned to the Root Chakra with a Solfeggio frequency of 396 Hz. It is designed for your energetic spiritual awakening, and personal enjoyment! It is not meant to treat any medical or psychological condition.
For our You Tube fans and friends! Use discount code UTB for a 20% discount on any MP3 or video downloads on our website! Use discount code WND9NYNZ for CDs and the DVD. http://chakrahealingsounds.com

Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. is a certified hypnotist, a gifted sound energy healer and Reiki master, a spiritual counselor and a doctor of metaphysical science; she is not a medical or psychiatric doctor, and can not give advice on medical or psychological conditions.

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http://www.naturalhealthdc.com – Watch this video to know more about Chakra Balancing. Balancing your chakras improves your health and wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally. It creates positive feelings and offers very positive results, improving your health and making you feel good about yourself.

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Everyone in your family deserves respect… including you!

If you’re not feeling respect from certain members of your family, it’s time to look at how much you feel your voice is heard.

I’d like you to meet Sean. He and his wife came to me for support with their blended family and its unique challenges. As a Type 4 in my Energy Profiling system, Sean highly values his family’s respect. But he doesn’t feel respected when his input is ignored in important family decisions.

Be Heard: Open Your Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra supports you in feeling you can speak your truth. When your throat chakra is open, you feel that what you say matters to people and makes a difference.

Your throat chakra can weaken or close in settings where you do not feel heard or respected. In order to change that experience, you need to clear your limiting beliefs and energize new ones.

And you can do this today, whether you have a blended family situation like Sean’s or not.

Watch the simple exercise Sean and I use together to open his throat chakra:

How will you use this exercise to help create respect in your own home? Please leave a note with your own tip, or your appreciation with Sean for sharing his experience.

(And be sure to tune in next Monday to meet his cute wife! You’ll hear her Aha! moment about respecting and honoring her husband’s true nature.)

Energize Your Throat Chakra

Sean energized his throat chakra today. You can energize yours, too! Come back to the video or the affirmations below when you feel like your voice is shut down.

Place your hand on your throat. Say these statements out loud to begin reframing the current experience:

I am no longer believing I don’t have a say in my family.
I am no longer experiencing that I’m not respected in my family.
I am no longer being compromised in the expression of my truth.
I am no longer feeling like a failure as a ____.
I am no longer believing I’m a failure as a ____.

Imagine your throat chakra opening, and say these statements to create the new experience:

I am respected for what I have to say in the family.
What I say matters and makes a difference.
I am heard and making a difference in my family.
I am succeeding.
I am having a really honoring experience as a ___ and a ___.
I am grateful that my wife/husband and I can come together and create mutually supportive decisions about our parenting and how to manage our family.
I am experiencing more and more cooperation.
What I say matters in my family.

You can change your thoughts and beliefs in just a moment. But remember that continued practice and support will create lasting change.

Respect yourself and your ability to be heard!

PS. Want to know how your throat chakra is doing? Head over to Chakra Healing to take my quick chakra test. Your subtle energy systems affect every part of your life in vital ways. Learn what they are and how to energize your life! http://chakrahealing.com/


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http://www.7Chakras.org/back-pain Nowhere is chakra healing so directly effective as in lower back pain and upper back pain relief through opening chakras in the torso.

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Guided Crown Chakra Meditation with Karen Kallie.
The dialog is specific to the Crown Chakra.
This Guided Meditation is one of several produced for the program Chakras and Feng Shui,Balancing Inner and Outer Energy available at www.livingenergyworks.com.
We hope you enjoy and benefit from the program.
If you find it beneficial please share it with those who would benefit as well
Music and Produced by Tony Pace
Best if experienced with headsets.

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Check out this article about Heart Chakra:


Listen in as Master Energy Healer Carol Tuttle describes your 4th Chakra: the Heart Chakra. Once opened, it is one of the most powerful energy centers in your body.

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Crown chakra, the seventh chakra
This is your energy centre that connects you to your higher self. It’s located on the top of your head.

This is a part of a complete guided chakra meditation by http://angelmeditations.net which can be found on the Album: Chakra Activation. http://angelmeditations.net/estore/cd-chakra-activation-guided-meditations/ The complete chakra meditation treats all seven chakras in the human body with the corresponding chakra colors which will help you opening and energyzing all your chakras one by one.

Powerful crown chakra Affirmations:

As I focus on the violet light that radiates from my crown,
I feel a strong spiritual connection to my higher self.
This divine light is my protection, the divine energy is my own power.
I am connected with my higher self.
All that I do and all the interactions with others, comes from this place of higher self.
I step back and let my spirit lead the way.
I am always willing to take the next step in my life

Related Article crown chakra: http://angelmeditations.net/2011/07/crown-chakra-seven-7-chakras-guided-meditation/

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This set of tones are in a matched sequence to help clear and heal the chakra energy centers working from the foot chakras up to the major microcosmic circuit.

The designer audio frequencies move through the audio coil in your speaker creating a precise electromagnetic field for healing. Visit my web site for more information:


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