Use Headphones!! please adjust to prefs level=) Try working out with the song…it will boost your EnErGy! Manipura Manipura I AM POWERFUL!
(Roland Juno Gi)- I used 2 sets of splits(bass,pad, synth, etc) 3 tracks 1 V track combine to 1 in Bounce Mode.
It was really fun creating the beat and putting the visual and words together=) fun fun fun…

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One traditional belief is that C is the tone of the base chakra. However, taking the 40th octave of G above middle C produces the frequency of of the color red–428THz–the color associated with the base chakra. Many years ago, I read a book on Color & Music by Corinne Heline. In the early 1970s, I published static drawings of these diagrams in my book, “Music and the Tribes of the Earth.”Along with many other influences, I have developed this animation as a work-in-progress guide for learning the connections between color, music and chakras in order to use color and music for Chakra/Polarity/Reiki Therapy. 12/28/11. For a long time, there has been a debate about the tonal correspondence to the chakra series. One traditional belief is that C is the tone of the base chakra. However, taking the 40th octave of G above middle C produces the frequency of of the color red–428THz–the color associated with the base chakra. Note: this precision requires setting A above middle C at at 437Hz–between classical and concert pitch.

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Thank you for watching, Please Rate, Favorite, Like and Subscribe . This is a short chakra guided meditation Click here for the full version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/seven-sacred-chakras/id466874942?uo=4
also click here: http://www.mrsite.co.uk/usersitesv39/CHAKRACOLOURS.com/wwwroot/Online-Shop(2607724).htm for royalty free version

Seven Sacred Chakras Guided Meditation (53 minutes of pure bliss)

Chakra is the Sanskrit word that literally means wheel or wheel of light.

The chakras are interpreted as wheels of energy

They run up the centre of the body parallel to the spinal column

These energy centres within our bodies receive and transmit energy.

And as they spin they move the energy up and down the body.

The brightness and size of all these individual chakras vary with individual development,

energy levels, physical condition, disease and stress.

When these chakras are out of balance or end up blocked,

One’s life tends to slow down.

You start feeling listless, depressed and tired.

It is essential for all the chakras to be in constant balance to promote

health and well being.

Included in this recording are seven musical tracks that resonate with each individual chakra to help you in the balancing of your chakra system.

An exclusive collection of chakra music of unsurpassed creative depth and production quality.

These soothing tracks will awaken, purify and enliven the energy centers of your body, and they are perfect for guided chakra meditations. Seven Sacred Chakras includes 7 tracks of chakra music,

Track 1: Root Chakra – Muladhara – composed in the key of C
Tribal percussion, ethnic instruments and deep, warm tones are blended together in this soulful composition that is both grounding and soothing at the same time. This gentle music will activate the base chakra, while preparing the physical body for deep relaxation.

Track 2: Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana – composed in the key of D
As we move up from the base chakra, the music of the sacral chakra becomes more emotional and more fluid. This composition awakens and purifies the sacral chakra while engendering feelings of openness, warmth and connectedness towards others.

Track 3: Solar Plexis Chakra – Manipura – composed in the key of E
The music of the solar plexus chakra has a brightness to it that invokes images of sunshine and inner radiance. You will notice that the music is very calm, but it is also very “alive” and energizing. This empowering composition is wonderful for awakening and cleansing the solar plexus chakra.

Track 4: Heart Chakra – Anahata – composed in the key of F
I like to think that this heart chakra meditation music speaks for itself. This is music of love and compassion, pure and simple.

Track 5: Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – composed in the key of G
Visualize yourself drifting across a clear blue sky, floating like a cloud on the breeze. You are breathing cool, sparkling air deep into your lungs. These are the images that come into my mind when I listen to this throat chakra music. Openness, freedom of self expression and lightness of being are encouraged by this tranquil composition.

Track 6: Third Eye Chakra – Ajna – composed in the key of A
This mystical soundscape does not adhere to any of the “rules” that might govern traditional music composition. Intentionally unstructured — this dreamy, meditative music opens the third eye chakra and frees the listener to explore their imagination, their intuition and the deeper aspects of their mind.

Track 7: Crown Chakra – Sahasrara – composed in the key of B
Heavenly and sweet, the music of the crown chakra opens one up to the timeless, limitless nature of pure awareness. As the music unfolds, melodic bells gradually give way to a wash of celestial choirs and shimmering chimes that uplift and inspire the listener to an elevated state of consciousness. Click here for your free chakra test and royalty free music to compose your own videos and mp3s http://www.chakracolours.com Click here for royalty free version

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This healing meditation invokes Nemetona, Aphrodite, and Archangel Michael, along with Reiki and the energy of rhodochrosite to remove blocks and negativity from the root (muladhara) chakra. It serves to renew vitality and confidence and to balance energies.

Note: This healing meditation is not meant as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. It is to be used as an addition to treatment and/or as a relaxation technique to unlock personal power. Since it is a Reiki/energy healing, be sure to rest afterwards and drink plenty of fluids to flush out toxins and negativity released by the cleansing effects of these energies.

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Monay briefly going through some of the healing Chakra stones.

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1 Root Chakra

Author: admin

Music: Gomer Edwin Evans
Video: Sunanda Namaste;

Root Chakra – Muladhara-Chakra

One finds the activated first Chakra with people who are “down-to-earth, with “both legs stand in the life”. People with strongly developed Root chakras affirm the life, emit a vital freshness and are often extremely successful materially seen.
A well-balanced Root chakra provides the feeling of security. The fear to be powerless is overcome and love and trust exist. The connection with the earth, to the continual, produces the relation to reality.
Sensitive people with a well-balanced Root chakra are able to exhaust their esoteric abilities and to perfect their talents. To it belong the abilities to leave the body, to perceive visions without fear and to use their brightsight helpfully for other people.

Element: Soil

Colour: red

Stones: Agate, blood jasper, red coral, ruby, garnet, haematite, onyx, Rhodonit, black Tourmaline

Herbs: Valerian, lime-tree blossoms, elders

Aroma: Carnation, rosemary, ginger, Vetiver, cypress, cedar (lamp of perfume, rosemary baths)

Brook blossoms: Clematis, Sweet Chestnut, rock rose

Symbol: 4-leaved Lotus blossom

Light beings: Lady Nada, Seraphis Bey, Christ, Pallas Athene, Aeolus, lady Portia, Sanat Kumara

Archangel: Uriel


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http://www.CleanseWithEase.com Lisa C. Beachy Spiritual Intuitive & Healer A music free Chakra cleansing meditation – Many Blessings – Lisa B Visit our sister site at This video does not belong to this site.

Duration : 0:5:56

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This is a short home-made guided meditation that I have made to help you quickly clear your Chakras

Lisa Beachy – Spiritual Intuitive & Reiki Master

Duration : 0:13:41

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Root chakra, the first chakra
Your root chakra is located at the bottom of your spine.
See the energy of this chakra as a ruby red light, glowing in your body.
The root chakra is your place of your security, safety, and stability.

This is a part of a complete guided chakra meditation by http://angelmeditations.net which can be found on the Album: Chakra Activation. http://angelmeditations.net/estore/cd-chakra-activation-guided-meditations/ The complete chakra meditation treats all seven chakras in the human body with the corresponding chakra colors which will help you opening and energyzing all your chakras one by one.

Powerful root chakra Affirmations:

As I focus on this red light that radiates from my base chakra,
I know that I am of good health
I forgive myself for neglecting my body in the past. I now love every part of my body, every cell is filled with energy and power
‘I am in tune with my deepest sense of belonging,
I am safe and secure at all times.
I am divinely protected and guided and my way is made smooth and easy.
I am willing to be my own good mother and look after myself at all times.
Life is good.
I love my life just exactly the way it is.

Related Article Root Chakra : http://angelmeditations.net/2011/07/root-chakra-seven-7-chakras-guided-meditation/

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Listen in as Master Energy Healer Carol Tuttle describes your 1st Chakra: the Root Chakra. Discover your relationship with the earth and build loving relationships when this Chakra is opened.
Is your’s open? Take the test here: http://www.chakrahealing.com

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